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Welcome to the website of Simon Schmidt.

This website should provide you with some professional information about my former education, internships and studies in the field of geography.

Additional you'll find some selected pictures of laboratory work, field trips and travels during my studies.

The link-section shows you some of my favorite links as well for geography as websites of friends and others.

I hope you'll enjoy the visit of my recently released website. If you have any questions, suggestions or advices, please feel free to contact me using the contactform or my emailaddress.

Simon Schmidt


Website statistics 10/2014

I'm proud to announce that my website is online for more than 3 years now. During this time I had a total of 8.384 site views with 2.361 visitors. The visitors were from 62 individual countries but 78% from Germany. I'm thankful for everyone of you who has visited my profile.

job-seeking 09/2014

I'll finish my studies in the field of M. Sc. Physical Geography/Geoecology with focus on Soil Science and GIS in October 2014. In the case you can offer me a free position or project work, please feel free to contact me.

New section: Portfolio 09/2014

Find some excerpts of my past works in the new Portfolio-section. Enjoy the presentations and diversity of my work.

New to XING 09/2014

Due to my job search I decided to create an account on XING. Please feel free to follow me there.

digital-geography.com 09/2014

Since a few months I'm part of the team of the digital-geography.com-blog. I'm blogging about GIS-topics like OpenStreetMap, Geodata and open Source Software in german and english.You can find my posts following the link.

Master's thesis 09/2014

Currently I'm working on my master's thesis about 'Winderosion in western Saxony'. I'll develop a modell for risk assessment about recent and futue soil loss due to wind erosion on agricultural land.

Twitter-Feed 07/2014

I implemented my twitter-feed on the right to keep you up-to-date about my current thoughts, ideas and works about digital-geography, soil science and physical geography. Please follow me on twitter if you like.


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